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Apple Color Picker and Affinity

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Good morning everyone.

I'm not hundred percent sure this is a bug, but at least, it acts exactly like if it was for me.
I'll probably fill an Apple Bug Report, in case it's Apple fault, but if so, I'm sure you guys would have more chances to get listened by Apple doing your own.
Here's the situation, I like to use the Apple Color Picker, because I can create per client color palettes. So whatever application I'm using to create something for my client, I can call the Apple Picker and get my clients colors from it. I've notice that when I'm using it, my selected and applied colors get their values changed on Affinity.

How to reproduce:

• Create a new Affinity Designer document, and set it to RBG/sRGB IEC61966-2.1 space color.
• Create a new shape and set it's fill color to 216, 0, 16
• Unselect the shape!
• Open the Apple Color Picker, go to Color Slider tab. Choose RGB Sliders and (important), on the little gear at the right of the dropdown, choose sRBG so your color will be defined as this (from my understanding). Choose 216, 0, 16
• Switch to Color Palettes tab and add you newly created color
• Select back your previously created shape and by looking to the RBG Sliders of Affinity,clic your saved color on the Apple Color Picker. Bam, colors have been changed to 204, 0, 15, which are the values in Generic RBG space.

Any light to bright my issue?
As always, thanks for the support.


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