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Pen Tool visual preview suggestion

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A live preview of the next line segment being visible prior to clicking to creating it would be a nice touch. Being able to see where/what the next segment will look like in real time based on the cursor location would take a lot of guesswork out of pen-tooling.

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5 minutes ago, Bryan Rieger said:

If you turn on the poorly named 'Rubber Band Mode(?!)' (the last icon on the right) you'll get a preview while using the pen tool.


OMG. THANK YOU! This was driving me nuts. Short of accidentally clicking that option, I don't know that I would have figured that out. I assumed it was a type of lazy-mouse function.

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Yeah @ilcalvelage, if you're coming from Adobe apps there's a number of maddening UI/UX decisions in Designer (as well as Photo and Publisher). Artboards in Designer aren't like artboards in Illustrator, they are more like a custom layer type in the Affinity apps. Also, there's no global layers across artboards which can be frustrating when it comes to managing assets across artboards in Designer (and Publisher). 

While it can be frustrating (especially at first), there are some really nice aspects to the Affinity apps, but they work a little differently to their Adobe counterparts. You'll likely find that the main annoyances/blocking issues are the long-standing bugs, feature requests (some going back almost a decade with Designer) and chronic UI/UX issues.

I expect Serif to hear a lot about the many short-comings of their apps over the next few weeks/months as many folks attempt to migrate from Adobe.

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100% agree. I'm new to Affinity and coming from Adobe. I submitted a topic ranting about how artboards are handled just this morning. 😅 I'd at least appreciate the ability to not have artboard clipping as a permanent state of existence in all documents with artboards. I do a lot of preproduction work for screenprinters and RIP softwares dont always recognize overprint properties so I have always used a bunch of artboards. Most of the differences I'm encountering are ones that I could actually see being improvements if/when I get used to them but that one in particular is just a thorn in my workflows' side.

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