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Hi I just found out that software/tool that is Affinity Designer (and Photo).

I am an interactive and immersive designer. I am currently "searching" "looking" "shopping" the future tools that I want for my workflow and pipeline. 

One of the only thing that can stop me to buy Affinity Designer is if we can't do this: import Maya or Maya LT models to colorize and texture them in Affinity Designer (or/and Photo), my goal is to reduce the number tools that I need to work with.

So if Affinity Designer can be good for UX/UI design, concept art and 3D model texturing and colorization than I'll be more than happy to say goodbye to Adobe.

Thank You

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Hello G.M.1986,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Thank you for your feedback. Affinity Designer/Photo are geared towards 2D applications (illustration/painting, graphic/UI/web design, photo editing, RAW conversion/development). While other areas/applications are not excluded it is unlikely that we will see some sort of 3D support being implemented anytime soon. For more information on what's planned for the next months please see Designer and Photo's roadmaps.

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I think he means import the UV unwraps only.

Yeah that's what I meant sorry English is not my first language and I worked late last night soo. Yes being able to import the UV unwraps to be able to texture and colorize my 3D objects made in Maya LT.


Thank You socapex


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I also do textures and don't need any true 3d mode at all. Work on flat 2d unwrap just fine.     It's lack of some conveniences and features  that prevents me from using Affinity Photo/Designer .


First and most important one is ability to link transforms of  layers nested within different  groups and mask stacks.        So for example if one group is color map texture  and another group is normal map one I need a way to scale/move certain layers  simultaneously  whenever they are  placed in the stack and whatever groups  or parent they are under. 


Another feature is compositions .  A way to quickly switch and save  the document to showing only specific groups and layers:  color map ones. normal map ones etc.   


Ability to do clones/virtual copies/smart objects of certain layers within different  mask stacks/clipping groups   and keep them linked to each other including transform links.


Ability to offset/wrap an embedded image layer  ( for tileable texture ) as on/off effect   and still have it embedded. 


 Can do so in Photoshop. can't in Affinity.       Krita is not yet but almost there too .     

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