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script to change brush size with mouse for affinity photo


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Hi since this affinity photo doesn't support increase/decrease the brush size by mouse on windows I made this script

use:  Ctrl+mousewheel  to change the size ,note you should have [ ] as default shortcut otherwise it wont work.

Method 1)

this EXE (note: you may get antivirus Warming, you can method 2 if you don't like it)




Method 2)

  1. install AHKv2,
  2. write this save it as .AHK file:
#Requires AutoHotkey v2.0
#SingleInstance Force


#HotIf WinActive("Affinity")




if you are interesting in AHK example you may see my remapkey folder here 


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I have not had the time to look more closely at AHK, so here are a few quick questions.

  • I am assuming that AHK sits somewhere between the hardware driver and the application layers (probably where a keylogger would sit?).  Can AHK be trusted?
  • It looks like this is a global script and not Affinity specific.  Will this overwrite Ctrl-WheelUp/Down for other applications?
  • If so, can the script be made app specific, or enabled/disabled on the fly?


Affinity Photo (v2.4.2) - desktop Dell Precision 3450 - Windows 10 pro - i9-11900 - 32GBRAM - NVIDIA-T600

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On 6/9/2024 at 8:27 PM, xMaxrayx said:

Hi since this affinity photo doesn't support increase/decrease the brush size by mouse on windows …

At least on a Windows machine it is possible via mouse.

Press CTRL+Alt and move the mouse horizotally will increase/decrease brush size.
Moving the mouse vertically will change brush sharpness.


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