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I downloaded an iStockPhoto EPS thinking it would make my life easier. My wife and dog won't come near me because I've been swearing at the computer for hours.


It was obviously designed in RGB, but it opens in CMYK. There needs to be a work around. When the image opens it's total pixelated shite. It's garbage and I can't work with it. Changing the color profile doesn't work because the image has already been rendered in CMYK and is totally jacked. It's like I opened a charles dickens novel in google translate and it is assigning it as chinese and then I can translate it back. The integrity of it is already gone. I have searched the web for hours trying to find a cool little program I can use to just imbed a color profile into an eps so it will open right but all I get is a million articles on color profiles for Adobe Illustrator. Please please for the love of God help me with this.Buttons.zip

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To convert from CMYK to RGB, change the color space, not the color profile.


But from what I can tell, the pixelation occurs because there are three low resolution bitmapped gradients in the file, not because of the color space. The file has the same pixilation when opened in Apple's Preview app, so I don't think this is completely due to how Affinity is rendering these gradients.

Affinity Photo 1.9.3, Affinity Designer 1.9.3, Affinity Publisher 1.9.3;  2020 iMac 27"; 3.8GHz i7, Radeon Pro 5700, 32GB RAM; macOS 10.15.7
Affinity Photo 
1.92.236 & Affinity Designer 1.9.2 (showing 1.9.9) for iPad; 6th Generation iPad 32 GB; Apple Pencil; iPadOS 14.4 (18D52)

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check that response from chief developer MattP


"t's entirely possible that the stock artwork is saved as a very low quality 'Illustrator EPS' which means it will have a terrible quality EPS file (low resolution image like you're seeing) but the 'Illustrator' part of that means that it also contains a full Illustrator file embedded inside it. We can't read the embedded Illustrator document inside an EPS file and if this is the case then there is no easy workaround, I'm afraid to say  :(  People create 'Illustrator EPS' files thinking "It's an EPS file so is openable in all software" which it is - but it's actually an Illustrator file placed inside a not-necessarily-very-good-quality EPS file. If you open it in Illustrator you get the impression the whole thing was there and it all worked brilliantly, but it's actually a bit of a lie...  :("


- basically it´s an Illustrator EPS with a proprietary vector part that AD can´t access so there not much you can do without Illustrator.



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I'm not sure I'm buying the lockdown theory.

If it's so proprietary, how come a re-save from Preview gets things back on track?

Has Preview been granted a special key from Adobe.... doubt it.


The color is fine now.


To be sure there was a lot of clean up to do.

The only real pain the b*tt comes from the vectorization of anything that (I suspect) had transparency in AI.

i.e. the drop shadows and hard highlights came in with each step of gradation as it's own object.

One drop shadow is about 100 layers. And one group of highlights is a whopping 500 layers!!!


Also.... there was some rasterized stuff, but for the most part it could be deleted without any impact on the illustration.


The only thing I don't understand is: The hard highlights on the top three buttons came in as vector (hundreds of pieces, but vectors nonetheless), but some of hard highlights on the bottom three were rasters and had to be trashed.


Anyway, the color is good.


Attached the "raw" re-save from Preview and an afdesign after a little cleanup/organization. I just trashed the drop shadows.... easy enough to recreate. As are the highlights.



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For some reason I never got a notification for this post and never checked back on it. Since this is an old thread I am going to open a new one about a different but similar issue. I will drop a link to the new thread.

P.S., I did what you said and it worked. I couldn't find anywhere to change the color "space" but I did click "assign" instead of "convert" and then moved it over to RGB and with the standard RGB profile the colors were nice looking. I then started deleting garbage out of the file and got a clean - er looking button.

I think adobe is aware of the issues their files cause for anybody that doesn't use adobe, and I think they like it that way. It just makes me hate them even more. 

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