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Hi Kelki_1122,

Welcome to Affinity Forums  :)

Have you tried to rename them to fh11?

If they still don't open can you zip a few example files for us to check/improve the importer?

You can use this link to upload them directly to my Dropbox account.

Note that currently we don't import text from freehand files.


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On the Affinity Designer Complete Feature List web page, note that it says Designer will open "Open and edit Adobe® FreeHand® files (v9-11)."


So if you have Freehand documents stored in an older Freehand file format (any version older than 9), just changing the file extension will not change the file's format to something Affinity can parse.


I had this problem myself, & the only way I found to resolve it was to get a copy of Freehand MX for Mac & run it on an older Intel Mac capable of running OS X 10.6.8. (That is necessary because MX for Mac is a PPC app & will only run on Intel Macs under the Rosetta PPC translator. 10.6.x was the last OS X version that includes & supports Rosetta.)


Freehand MX will open files stored in all the older Freehand document formats & can resave them in its "native" fh11 format, which Affinity can parse.


Currently, Freehand MX only seems available for purchase from Adobe in a few countries, but if you search the web on "Freehand MX" you may be able to find other ways to get it.

Affinity Photo 1.9.2, Affinity Designer 1.9.2, Affinity Publisher 1.9.2;  2020 iMac 27"; 3.8GHz i7, Radeon Pro 5700, 32GB RAM; macOS 10.15.7
Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer 1.9.1 (showing 1.9.7) for iPad; 6th Generation iPad 32 GB; Apple Pencil; iPadOS 14.4 (18D52)

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My Freehand docs ARE on an older computer OS v 10.5.8 (that's what scares me!)

I still can work on them in Freehand MX (but when will this OLD computer die [maybe 2006] and with it Freehand?)

and I can export in Freehand 7 thru 10 OR in Illustrator up to 7 as well as other options -- but AD reads the exported or saved as .fh11 docs as "corrupted" most times. Once AD did open a 2 board Freehand MX doc (I dropboxed PNG image of the doc to staff) and saved with new name "as Freehand doc" and added extension .fh11 ... AD opened it, without saying it was corrupted, BUT as 2 separate docs... each of the correct pasteboard dimensions but both were totally blank. Should i send PNGs of those results?

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I am also a FreeHandMX user, with an old computer using OS v10.5.8. I recently started using Affinity D, I'm very happy with it. When I saved the FH files as PDFs, AD opened these well, so I can continue my work. I wasn't able to use the files directly from FH (I used ext .fh11). I could open the .fh11 files, but they were not in a good form to edit. Opening the PDF files from AD worked much better.


1. From FHMX, export to PDF

2. In AD, Open the PDF (it will ask which page...)



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John77m, I just find this discussion. After several tests, I think your method is the best way to handle the old Freehand File record!

All elements displayed in AD are exactly like in FH environment (and in exact same size too). Elements can grouping together and edit easily in AD.

The pdf files are good for preview especially when there are too many old FH records. I don't need to rely on old CS to open my old FH record anymore.

Thank you very much!

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5 hours ago, Anna Danger said:

Ho appena comprato AffinityDesigner per convertire dei vecchi lavori fatti in FreeHand ma purtroppo non funziona... 😞

Qualche idea da suggerirmi?

Da un post sopra, se si dispone di FreeHand MX, è possibile effettuare le seguenti operazioni:

1. Da FHMX, esporta in PDF

2. In AD, apri il PDF (ti chiederà quale pagina ...)

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Se hai macOS prima di Catalina Lion (10.6.7) o qualsiasi sistema operativo Windows e inizialmente avevi FreeHand MX (che era una versione Adobe) puoi comunque scaricare una copia dell'app da Adobe e installarla sul tuo computer.
(Ci scusiamo per l'italiano Google ...)



Mi dispiace, ignora quello che menziono sopra. Adobe non offre più programmi di installazione iniziali per app non supportate anche se si dispone di una licenza.


You can searh for Tensai AI plugins (commercial) for FreeHand converters working with Adobe Illustrator. They have also a service for FreeHand conversions, which might be worth a consideration if you have lots of FreeHand files.

Puoi cercare per i plugin Tensai AI (commerciali) per i convertitori FreeHand che lavorano con Adobe Illustrator. Hanno anche un servizio per le conversioni di FreeHand, che potrebbe valere la pena prendere in considerazione se si dispone di molti file FreeHand.

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