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[AP] Changed Keyboard Shortcuts Take Effect Only After Changing Preference Pane

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Hi all,


changing a keyboard shortcut will only take effect after one has left the Keyboard Shortcuts Preference Pane using the Preference Pane Selector drop down (either by selecting the preference panes overview or a specific preference pane).


If you use the back button or just close the preferences window the new keyboard shortcut will be saved but it will not take effect!


I discovered this behaviour while I changed some of the keyboard shortcuts, e.g. F1 will now create a new layer. I haven't tested other preferences nor if this behaviour can be replicated in Affinity Designer.


My set-up:


OS X 10.11.5 (15F34)

Affinity Photo Trial 1.4.2




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Erm, okay. The described pattern above to have the new keyboard shortcut take effect does not work (as I just found out while I was setting the keyboard shortcut back to F1 for the new layer).


What is working is:


  1. Change shortcut.
  2. Click field of same shortcut again.
  3. Leave Preferences Window by clicking Close.
  4. Reopen Preferences Window. I use "⌘," to achieve this and the previously selected shortcut field will surprisingly contain "⌘,".
  5. Set the shortcut back again to intended value.
  6. Click Close again.
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Hi geeknurse,

There is an issue regarding the saving of Keyboard Preferences in Affinity Photo - the issue has been fixed by a developer and should hopefully make it into the next beta release. What hasn't been noted was the shortcut changing to ⌘,after closing the dialog with a field selected - I will get this issue also reported to the developers.

Thanks again

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