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Hello from the other side! :)


I am just working on a project of designing the candy bar packaging and since I'm too lazy to google, I created my own lo-fi mockup myself in AFD. Then I thought it'd be pity if I leave it just to myself.


So here's an exlusive Yell candy bar mockup for y'all! :D 



It's not the best one, but I didn't find any other mockup made for Affinity (I was forced to google that so I didn't post anything which already exists :)), so if you want to improve this, I encourage you to do so :) 

Also, feel free to share your awesome designs using this to inspire other people in this amazing community :)

(and to bump this post so others can actually find it)



Document info:
mm units
A4 artboard
Generic CMYK Profile


Place your design inside CANDY BAR object below 3D SHADOWS layer.

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