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Hello, this is my first message here

Like a lot of people around here, I've been using Illustrator for years and got used to its mental model and tools.

Recently i started sketching simple cartoons using a tablet and unfortunately I can't yet achieve the same line quality in AD as I get in AI
I suspect this is more due to the way AD translates my gestures into vector lines. Apparently it follows them "too closely" and any jitter on my part will become very apparent.

In Illustrator, i'd handle this by messing with the Paintbrush tool options>fidelity/accuracy setting

i've attached an example


in AD, I haven't found a similiar option.

Am I missing something or this level of control is not implemented yet?


Thank you so much!

I'm making a conscious effort to switch to AD and this is my biggest gripe so far (I can't organize/distribute artboards either, but i'll leave that for some other day)



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