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None that I know off. Even placing them on a separate layer and locking that layer has no effect.

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+1 for a toggle to lock guides.


Getting off track:

As for layers being located within the layer paradigm, I'm less sure. Illustrator draws a guide on whatever layer you happen to have active. Hide that layer, and only the guides on that layer will hide. It can be useful, but also super-confusing if you're coming from Photoshop (or AF).

Photoshop's guides exist outside the layer scheme entirely, and AF seems to do the same. I use Photoshop far more than I do anything else, so that's just what I'm used to. (I'm not used to keeping track of where a particular guide might be physically located within my document.)

I've never used an app, like Freehand, with one single dedicated guide layer, but it sounds intriguing (though the ability to designate shapes as guides is similar to Illustrator). Maybe the best of both worlds.

Anyway, I can see the pros and cons of any of these, honestly... but back to the topic at hand: yes to being able to lock guides, *however* they're implemented! :)

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This will get done as soon I'm back working on snapping features.

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I'm trying to draw a straight line on a guide line. The result is that all guide lines on the same axes move around to new positions*... Is this the reason for this topic? if yes, for me it is more a bug than a new feature request.


If the topic is open since 2014. Well... little hope to see any progress on this topic soon I guess.



*I wanted to load two images to demonstrate the issue. But apparently on this forum, it isn't possible to load images.

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*I wanted to load two images to demonstrate the issue. But apparently on this forum, it isn't possible to load images.


Welcome to the Affinity Forums, weubulo. :)


Adding images to a post is perfectly possible, as you can see from the many screenshots and other file attachments on this forum. As an anti-spam measure, attachments are disabled at first, but if you make some more posts you will be able to attach your images.


To attach an image or an Affinity file, press the 'More Reply Options' button and then use the Attach Files area which appears below the message composition area; after browsing to the file that you want, you need to press the 'Attach This File' button, otherwise it won't actually be attached! You can create a .zip or .rar archive of any file whose original format is rejected by the uploader.

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Hello weubulo,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Which tool are you using to draw the line? You should be able to draw a line over a guide with the Pen Tool. The biggest issue is to move an existing line that lays over a guide. The Move Tool will move the guide rather than the line but you can always hide the guide temporarily. In any case, the ability to lock guides is coming along with the snapping improvements that are being implemented since v1.5 Beta.


Here's how to attach an image/file to the forum. The upload restrictions for new users are lifter after a couple posts.

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My current method for locking guides in affinity B|


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53 minutes ago, A_B_C said:

Hi chris.bannu,


it seems that this feature is already implemented in the upcoming version 1.7:


- Guides can be created and moved in all the core tools, plus a toggle to turn guide editing off



Looking forward to this feature myself … :)



Hi A_B_C,

Oh man, thanks for the heads up, that's great :)

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