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Publisher beta. Strange behavior. Sometimes impossible to work. (Selected picture frame on a page, can be edited on many next pages)

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Hi Anto, I think you are Option + dragging on the Pan control in the centre of the frame which will drag the content inside the frame instead of duplicating the frame and its content. (Serif, it might be nice if the Pan and Zoom controls disappeared when Option was pressed to avoid confusion.) Your image is very large so you dragged the content onto the page below.

Selecting the content on the page below selects its parent frame on the page above as it should. But there's a user interface glitch here - the Pan and Zoom controls are now drawn on the page below instead of with the frame on the page above. This is a minor bug which should be fixed.

But for now, do not Option + drag on the Pan control and this won't happen.

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I see it now. I do think this is a small bug, you can simply deselect the frame and continue.

For Serif, here are steps to reproduce - it's easier to reproduce with large frames that cover the page because then when blindly clicking on other pages the target is very large.

  1. Create a document and add some pages
  2. Draw large picture frames on pages 1 and 3
  3. Select the frame on page 1 and then click on left pages 2, 4, 6... - the frame will still be selected instead of being deselected - Affinity isn't checking which page the click was on, just the coordinates
  4. Select the frame on page 3 and then click on right pages 5, 7, 9... - the frame will still be selected instead of being deselected
  5. If you'd drawn a frame on page 2, the same problem would have occurred when clicking on left pages 2, 4, 6...
  6. Add a picture inside one of the frames. Now when you click on another page and the frame is still selected, the Pan and Zoom controls will be drawn on that page instead of on the correct page which is what Anto was reporting
  7. This last one is unrelated but it's what I originally through the issue was - if you Option + drag a picture frame and start dragging from on top of the Pan control, it will Pan the content rather than drag copying the frame. To avoid this, it would be good to hide the Pan and Zoom controls when Option dragging.


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