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Can somebody explain the resize modifier key logic to me?

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As the title suggests, I find the resizing modifier keys inconsistent in both applications.


  • Open Designer
  • Choose a primitive shape and hold down the shift key as you place it on the canvas so it has an aspect ratio of 1:1
  • Now grab one of the corner handles and shift-drag to resize your object and it retains that aspect.
  • Select Layer -> Rasterize
  • Grab a corner handle of the object and shift-resize it
  • Undo because that's not what you expect to happen
  • Re-grab the corner handle and hold down option instead and it retains aspect ratio.
  • Now grab a side handle and try the same thing. Option has no effect, shift retains aspect ratio.

Is this an error? Or is there some internal logic that I'm not appreciating? Or is there some obscure setting that means this is only affecting me?

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Hi thisleenoble,

This i because you have Move Tool Aspect Constrain set to Automatic in Affinity Preferences, Tools section.

Objects which do have a natural aspect ratio, like images and text are by default created and resized with their aspect ratio preserved without pressing ⇧ (shift). Shapes and paths do not retain their aspect ratio if you resize them. So you must press ⇧ (shift) in those cases.


You can change this behaviour from Automatic to Constrain by default or Do no constrain by default in Preferences, Tools section, Move Tool Aspect Constrain dropdown.

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Ahh, at least I understand the logic now. The option key makes no difference. I'm just so used to expecting to hold down a modifier key to retain aspect ratio that I hadn't considered it wouldn't be necessary. I'll probably leave it on the default setting and see if I can re-train my brain to not use a modifier key for pixel layers. Thanks.

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