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A new version of my fanfiction ambulance scene - Changed tp a day rainstorm

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@AffinityJules @iconoclast @firstdefence @carl123 @v_kyr @TrentL I am trying a new version of the ambulance scene composite I have been working on. I have changed the time of day to a day rainstorm to better match the opening of the film. I have updated the AI elements I created for the characters in the piece. Here is a preview hope you all like it:



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@AffinityJules @iconoclast @firstdefence @carl123 @v_kyr @TrentL Here is a new version of the composite. I erased some of the puddles and used displacement on the remaining puddles to try to make it look like rain was hitting them. I used a dust brush to create visible, but random drops to simulate rain drops landing on the ground, puddles, and on the house as well. I also added rain drops to the umbrella as well. The last thing I added to this preview was shadows under the paramedics and stretcher, and the parents.


Hope you all like it

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@AffinityJules @iconoclast @firstdefence @carl123 @v_kyr @TrentL Here is the version of the composite. I added a final police officer and some fog, and added a final color grade to blend everything together. Final effect I added was cropping the image for a 4:3 aspect ratio for a VHS effect when I finalize the VHS look.



Hope you all like it.

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