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Search Function Not Working on Affinity's Help Site in **Chinese ver**, and also in Mac Help Menu

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I am reaching out to report an issue I have encountered while trying to use the search function on the Affinity help site's Chinese version as well as within the help menu on my Mac.

In the English version of the documentation, I am able to use the search feature without any issues as demonstrated in the attached [Fig. 1] (doc: https://affinity.help/photo2/English.lproj/index.html)

However, when I switch to the Chinese version of the documentation, the search button seems to malfunction. Regardless of whether I input my search terms in English or Chinese, the search yields no results, as shown in [Fig. 2], [Fig. 3]. (doc: https://affinity.help/photo2/zh-Hans.lproj/index.html)

Additionally, I have discovered that the Affinity application contains built-in help documentation. When I attempt to search within this in-app help, I unfortunately face the same problem—no results are found. I am not sure if this issue is related to the one mentioned above, but it is concerning nonetheless. The lack of search results within the in-app help is shown in [Fig. 4], [Fig. 5].

[Environment Info]

Affinity Help site: https://affinity.help, with chrome 122

Affinity Photo: v2.4, with mac 14.2

[Other notes]

1. I'm not sure if affinity.help is official. It comes up at the first result when I search something in Google. If it isn't, sorry for bothering.

2. Through I can read English docs, but translated doc is better as I don't need to think about languages. Also this post is translated from Chinese.






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  • Staff

Hi @zsh2517,

Thanks for your report!

I can confirm the issue with the in-app macOS search is known to our team and should hopefully be resolved within the next update.

However I can also confirm that I'm able to replicate the search issue with the online help (both in Chinese and Japanese) and therefore I'm also getting this logged with our team now.

I understand the importance of this issue to users such as yourself and therefore have requested this is investigated and resolved as soon as possible.

I hope this helps :)

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For now you might consider searching Affinity help with Google. You can limit Google search to the Affinity help site and to individual applications and languages by pasting


into Google and then adding your search term after it. For example:

site:affinity.help/photo2/zh-Hans.lproj/ 从剪贴板新建

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  • Staff

To confirm, the search issue when using the online helpfile has since been resolved by our team and you should now find that results are provided as expected -



The issue in-app on Sonoma is still currently logged with our team and should be resolved shortly :)

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