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Adobe Photo Element library transfer to Affinity

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I currently have Adobe Photo Element 10, and the software has been giving me several bug issues in the past year. I don't like their current subscription plan and layout. I wanted to switch to Affinity, but need to ensure that i am able to transfer the library i currently have with Adobe Photo Element 10 with ease, and also that the files i transfer from my Cannon camera will transfer into folders like Adobe Photo Element 10 did, and not like Apple Photo has it library transfer, and i can't fine a picture within a dated folder. 


1. Can I transfer my Adobe Photo Element 10 library to Affinity with ease, and does a organizer come with it?

2. When i do transfer images from my Cannon camera will it transfer it into dated folders?



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Hi edgard,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Affinity Photo doesn't manage photo libraries. It's a RAW converter/developer and photo editor only. So no, it will not be able to do what you've asked.

We already announced a DAM (digital assets managements software) product for later. It will work seamlessly with Affinity Photo and will eventually do all that but it's not coming anytime soon since it's in an early development stage.

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