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Export selected Issues

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Hello.  I love Affinity Designer and have parted ways with Illustrator, but Ive had huge issues with the export selected with no background.  Here are a couple of issues we currently have:
1. Export seems to not be pixel perfect.  A simple example is creating a 256px x 200px rectangle, with not border.  Export selected, the result will be 257x200. (click on attachment 1 and compare the transform and the export panels).
2. Sometimes when I export selected the resulting image is bigger than the source ( it is not scaled but a white background is added)
If you open the image in a photo editing program, you see that the size is not that of the selection but bugger with transparent space around.  
The workaround for me has been opening it in pixelmator, select all, copy, new doc (which takes the actual non transparent portion, paste, export.  A very boring and long task, plus it requires me to use a competing software for something as simple as an export selected!
IMO I think this is one of the very few bits that prevent Affinity Designer for from being great!

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Hi alejobrainz


The extra pixel being added when exporting an artboard is something that we are already aware of. 


As for your second point do you have any effects applied to the object? The object size does not include any effects that extend outside such as shadows, glows etc. Therefore the export adds the extra space to be able to incorporate these. But that's just a guess from the screenshots you have provided.


If this is not the case then are you able to attach a sample file?



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