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Gradient Tool -> Type: Bitmap; Extend: Wrap - How to set the bitmap to 1:1 scale?

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Gradient Tool -> Type: Bitmap; Extend: Wrap - How to set the bitmap scale to 1:1?


I want to tile a bitmap inside a shape, but i don't want it scaled up or down. I want to use the exact pixel dimensions of the original to fill the entire shape. How do i do this? Seems there's no option to "reset" the scale to the original bitmap dimensions.


Happy to see Lanczos resampling available in the Quality drop down! :)

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Any updates on this?


I'm trying fill shapes with thin, pixel perfect stripe patterns.  I understand how to use the Gradient tool with bitmaps, but there is no way to lock the bitmap scale to 1x.  The only way I can set the scale is with the mouse, which means it's impossible to get integer scale values, leading to ugly anti-aliasing.


Ideally, there should be a way to fill using bitmaps at their pixel perfect size.  Alternatively, any way to set the bitmap scale with a number, rather than the mouse.

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