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Publisher crash on MacOS

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ChatGPT says next:

  • Crash Details (Thread 0):

    • The crash occurred in liblibpersona.dylib.
    • The crash seems to be related to a virtual thunk to DocumentCommand::~DocumentCommand().
    • The crash is happening in the context of DomainController::AcquireReaderLock() const.
    • It involves DocumentControllerSession::DocumentControllerSession.
    • Further down, it seems to involve handle generation and mouse events in the UI.
  • Code Flow (from Thread 0):

    • The crash starts in a virtual thunk (DocumentCommand::~DocumentCommand()).
    • It then goes through several functions related to document control (DomainController::AcquireReaderLock(), DocumentControllerSession::DocumentControllerSession).
    • The crash is related to handle generation (PathTextNodeHandleGenerator) and mouse event handling (HandleTool::OnMouseMove).
    • The crash eventually leads to a mouse event in the UI (-[DocumentView mouseMoved:]).
  • .......

  • Recommendations:

    • The crash seems to be related to document control, handle generation, and mouse event handling in the UI.
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