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Publisher 2.3.1 Crashes and does crazy things...

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I don’t know why the CPU would “turn crazy” but the first thing I would do is to make sure my Graphics Card Drivers were up-to-date.

The next thing I would try is to switch Hardware Acceleration OFF (or ON, whatever it’s not set to now) in Settings/Performance and see if that made a difference.

The next thing I would try is to switch to a different Graphics Card in Settings/Performance (if I had more than one Graphics Card).

Then I might try other settings in Settings/Performance just to see if anything changes.

If none of that makes a difference then if you can attach the document we can try and see if we get the same problem with it, to see if it could be a document issue rather than a machine issue.

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My performances are fine thanks.

I found the following solution: Apparently the problem is caused from having a text follow from a double column text box to a signle colomn text box, and then continue the text back to a double column text box. I simply followed the text in double column text boxes all along and the problem disappeared. Curious no ?

Feels a bit sad that i can't make like i want.

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Of course, it isn't a performance problem. Even with minimal text in the document the text management does weird things.

Yes I have to zoom back and forth to constantly check how it looks.

(Btw i tried both align to grid and without, same outcome)

Here for example, the text automaticaly jumps from a column to another without reasons.

(I don't have those problems on Indesign for example)

When you tried it, did you implement different caracters styles and paragraph styles ?



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  • Staff

Take a screenshot of Settings > Performance so we can confirm your current settings. 

My quick test document didn't use any different styles. On applying various ones to the text, I'm still not seeing any issues.

Can you provide a copy of your document? If not the full doc, can you copy an affected part to a new document and save to be checked?

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