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[Designer] Clicking non-active artboard doesn't select it

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Date Seen




OS X 10.11.4

Affinity Designer 1.4.1


Bug Description

Clicking on an artboard that is not currently selected doesn't select it. Clicking on any layer which is not on a currently selected artbaord doesn't select it.



Major UI flaw


Steps to Reproduce

  1. create a document with 2 or more artboards

  2. place some layers on each artboard

  3. select any artboard

  4. click on any of the non-active artboards or layers on the non-active artboards


Actual Behavior

Clicked objects are not selected and do not become active


Expected Behavior

Clicking on any artboard or any layer on any artboard should select that object


Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted







Layers not on the current artboard have to be selected from the layers panel or the desired artboard has to be first selected either from the layers panel or by clicking on its title.


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Hi tomek.


First off can I say thank you for such a well laid out report, it is a pleasure to read!


If you are trying to select the artboard itself, you can click on the artboard name above the artboard and it should select it. 


Layers (i.e. the container you get when you click new layer) generally are only selectable through the layers tab, however I can select individual objects or groups within those layers across artboards without any issue. I'm only using a simple document at the moment this obviously gets a little more complex when you have layers on top of layers etc 

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