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Snapping feedback

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From Twitter conversation https://twitter.com/Writer_Dale/status/521559024580689921 with designer @sophistifunk.


1. I turned on all the "snap" features I could find, and couldn't snap a guide to lines or points


a ) Snapping a guide to line objects and shapes works for me, but not snapping a guide to "points" assuming that's curve nodes. Is not being able to edit a guide while nodes are visible a limitation by design, a potential improvement? I know guide editing is much discussed too.


b ) I think having "all snapping features" on including Snap to Units could cause snapping so fine it appears not to work until at high zooms, so I guess is by design unless we learn more.


2. Arbitrary guides from shapes would also be nice.


I can't expand on that, it's not something I've used.


Thanks, Dale.

Twitter: @Writer_Dale
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