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Grouped Artboards & Bleed issue

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Last week I was creating a trifold and followed a tutorial titled "Affinity Designer 1.4 - Artboards: Exporting and Printing" which showed using 3 artboards together. To export the artboards as a single document the tutorial explains the following:


  1. First you must group the artboards together
  2. then go to the export persona > layers panel and create a slice for that group
  3. then go to the slices panel to modify your export settings for the new slice and export.


That all works fine. It creates the document as expected. But when exporting as a PDF with "include bleed" and "include crop marks", the bleed is applied but the colors are not shown in the bleed area. It's as if they're clipped by the artboards themselves. With a single artboard the color in the bleed area works fine but with the grouped artboards it's not.


See the attached files and this discussion thread "how do bleeds work with artboards" for (hopefully) more detail. Thanks!





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I'm able to replicate this and will pass it to developers, however despite the option to include the bleed area in the PDF when exporting slices, i'm not sure this is intended to work this way.

Usually the output from a slice is just what's included inside the slice area.


What i would do in this case is:

1. move all artboards to outside the group and delete the group

2. create a new "main" artboard manually covering the area of all the other three

3. move the original artboards to inside the main artboard (the one that cover them all)

4. move each background rectangle from each original artboard to the "root" of the main artboard

5. make sure that all original three artboards are above the background rectangles inside the main artboard (in the Layers panel).


Here's the result:



I'm attaching the .afdesign file with all those changes and the respective PDF output with the bleed.



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Thanks for the response! I see what you mean. I hadn't considered a solution like yours, and I think that works for what I need. I didn't know you could nest artboards (coming from Sketch). Thanks!

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Hello there,  Hello @MEB @HYR   

I want to share with you this video that I have recorded of how I made the PDF of the book cover including the folding marks (sorry but it have been recorded in spanish):


As you can see it is not an easy process and I think that Affinity Designer should add a tool in its menu to include folding marks.

I think the easiest way to add vertical and horizontal marks would be a tool similar to adding guides to the document.

For documents that contain other types of bending lines (or cutting lines in packaging designs, for example), a possible solution would be that after drawing them in a layer, that layer could be automatically converted into bending lines or cutting lines, and then those lines could be exported in the PDF with a pre-established format (scripts, special color, ...)

I hope it helps and I'm waiting for a better Affinity solution!



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