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photo looses saturation after being copied to an other document

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Affinity Designer:


I have some full res photos which I use in a current postcard sized project. 

I need to create a poster and just want to copy everything o a new document. The problem is, however, that the photos loose saturation when being copied to the other document. 


Is there any way to get around this bug? I don't want to start from all over. I noticed this bug in previous versions of affinity designer.


See the screenshots for reference. 




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I created a new document and was able to recreate the bug. I noticed this only happens when CMYK is a selected color format. 

Both, the "original" and the "copy" have CMYK and the exact same profile (ISO coated v2). 


I noticed, when you change the color format back to RGB, hit ok, then change it back to CMYK, the saturation will be normal again, like in the "original" file. 






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Hi WalterBeiter


This seems to only happen with specific circumstances, an RGB image layer placed into a CMYK document, a new CMYK document is created then them image is cop and pasted into that. I shall get this reported but there are luckily quite a few ways around this.


You can rasterise the image layer before copying and pasting and it would appear fine, you can copy the image then go to New > New from clipboard and it should appear fine or you can convert the images to CMYK first before placing them into the document.

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