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CAD like dimensions

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Has anyone of you used any CAD program? I had them in school (Pro/Desktop; Pro/Engineer; SolidWorks...) and I think it would help a lot with logo design the most if there was an option for adding visible dimensions. something like this https://btechecar.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/main-driving-sketch.png

Also I would like to ask again is there support for 3d mouses like 3dconnexion products? :)

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I would be happy with just the ability to set a dimensional scale for a drawing and (right now) an ability to just type in the size of certain objects.  


I note when I draw a line I don't even have a length measurement (unless I've missed something), so I have to start anything isometric with drawing markers first.  The video tutorial on building a site map is fun, but you'll soon realise that counting squares on a map isn't quite hacking it for something a bit more involved.


But hey, I guess that's why people use CAD or Blender so at some point I'll have to go through the tutorials there.  I already sorted out a middle mouse button :).

Regards, Binc


Warning: dark, twisted sense of humour.  Do not feed after midnight.

Wheat and BS intolerant.  Only use genuine Guinness to lubricate.

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