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blend object along curve

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Is there an equivalent method for Illustrator's blend (objects) along path?


Perhaps the Power Duplicate does this? But does it work along a path? And if so, are the duplicated objects still linked to the original (ie, edits to one of these shapes updates the duplicated objects)?


PS: As a designer for CNC/laser cutting, it's rather difficult to evaluate whether this is worth purchasing without a trial version.

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Hi ariel,

Welcome to Affinity Forums,

A trial version will be available in early November.

Currently it's not possible to blend objects along a path. Power Duplicate doesn't allow this either. However those and other tools (like warp distortions, text along a path etc) are all being developed and should be integrated in Affinity Designer later. Meanwhile there's a feature roadmap available that will give you a better idea of what to expect. You can check it out here.

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