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Cannot find 'pixel channel'

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Tutorial: Channels: Creating/Storing Selections


I am endeavouring to follow the above tutorial on my own image.


Early on, with the Channels option selected I do not have 'Pixel Red', 'Pixel Green', 'Pixel Blue' or 'Pixel Alpha' available.


What am I missing?



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Hi Mitcherooney,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Are you sure you have a Pixel layer selected as in the tutorial?

Note that the layer in the tutorial as no name. The Pixel label you find in parenthesis is the type of the layer. If you select you layer and delete it's name (the white part) you will end up exactly with the same as in the video tutorial. If you do keep the name what will see in the Channel panel will be the name of your layer + Red/Green/Blue/Alpha for the rest of channels.

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