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Does anyone used other than pantone spot colours with Affinity apps?

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Does anyone used other than pantone spot colours with Affinity apps? i cannot define own spot colour what not mixed with cmyk colours. i mean if i have two images in multipyl modes where such colour used when unsupported features are rasterized does new colour with cmyk. when i use pantone swatches (other than ones what are cmyk mode) such areas keep only these two inks. one company silver (unlike gold) is defined hks values there is no support for them (someone defined hks values here forum but they not work sameway than these pantone ones). i bet they want it such way defined even if product is digitally printed with such silver and gold inks.

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I am not sure if I understand what you are trying to achieve, but true duo/tri/quadtones with special inks by applying different inks as defined e.g. by a tone curve cannot be done within Affinity apps. You could simulate something like that by e.g. applying one ink for a grayscale image and then using shapes with e.g. Multiply Blend mode on top, using different inks, and getting their intensity values from the underlying image. I have no idea why non-PANTONE-based special inks are required but technically you could specify and use inks from different spot color systems.


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