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[Feature] Completely rework and rethink arrows.

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The current arrow tool is horrendous, nuff said :P


My preferred tool for arrows is in Skitch (it is free on App Store). How they do it is:

click (arrow begins) -> drag (form arrow) -> release click (arrow points here). It is super natural and fast.


Also, every single path brush should have arrow heads.


Thank you.

Arrows a major pain point, but of course you guys rock and keep it up! :)

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As far as I know there currently isn't an arrow tool in Designer (unless it has been added and I missed it). There is an arrow shape tool but that is different from an arrow line tool (I'm guessing that you are referring to an arrow line tool). If you check out the Designer Feature Requests you will see that an Arrow Line Tool is on it. So it will be added sometime in future (hopefully sometime soon). 





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Well I'm talking about the only way to make arrows right now (arrow object thing) ;)


I wish AD becomes the BEST arrow software in existence, it's not like the team hasn't proven their talent and forward thinking in many other areas. So yes, +1 to arrow line tool (a-la Skitch). But also, arrow heads for paths. Making curved arrows is unconventionally tedious!


Even Illustrator has overly complex and tedious arrows :(


[edit:] So the roadmap mentions arrow heads, but not a rework of the arrow tool (arrow shape tool). This has to be rethought, the tool is painful.

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