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Is there a "liquid rescale" to resize images keeping

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From time to time I need to resize images to fit them to website and social network page covers.

I mostly work with photos with a main subject and patterns or landscape panorama I want to extend to the left or to the right to fill horizontal space.


I've seen a Gimp plugin on Ubuntu Linux called "Liquid rescale" that does exactly this:


(first example in that page fits my needs)


Is there a way to do something similar in Affinity Photo also?


I know I can install Gimp on my Mac, but for convenience and speed I'd like to keep as much as possible my workflow in Affinity Photo. 


Thanks in advance,



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Thanks for the super-quick answer! 


I did some experiments, and I think that for now I'll workaround it with tools like patch, clone, inpainting and a lot of patience... 

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