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Bought a V1 license through a key reseller but can't activate the softwares

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Hello Affinity community,

I recently purchased an Affinity Suite V1 license from a key reseller website. I got the activation codes in my email, but after downloading and installing the softwares, it keeps saying my name/email or activation code are incorrect. I used the same email address for both the Affinity account and my purchase, but still can't figure out how to activate them.

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Hi @Llore, welcome to the Affinity forum.

We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there are no longer any official resellers of the V1 apps. This means that you will not have purchased a genuine licence and should contact the seller to request a refund.

Any spelling or grammatical errors found in the above post are deliberate and included to boost the self-esteem of those who spot them.

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While a very small part of those key resellers are legit (reselling gifts), usually those are acquiring keys via stolen credit cards.

When after one month the software developer gets the chargeback from the bank, they will invalidate the license or ban the account.

I am convinced it's the reason Serif had to stop selling gift certificates (keys):


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There's a big difference between buying a physical item and just buying a licence to use a piece of software. Most software is only licenced to be used by the purchaser and is not transferable. You can't buy a  book, or a piece of jewellery etc, make an exact copy of it, then sell the copy to someone else, but copying a piece of software is quite easy! It's understandable that companies who sell software, or other digital products, have to take steps to protect their business! 

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