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How To Creae Bends/Curves Using Shapes

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In the photo below i managed to create that bend using 2 circles and 2 rectangles.

But is there any easier way to do this? As u can see i cant figure out how to get rid of that black shape in-between the two rectangles and below the half donut shape. I used a white  rectangle to cover it.


The Shape on the right is just there to show you guys what that curve is made up of.


Is there any easier process of doing this? Maybe one that doesn't involved adding an additional unnecessary shape to cover up the unwanted part? 


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I am no expert, but this is what I would do.



I find that adjusting the ends of a rounded triangle makes a great half circle stretched.

I make a thick stroke to make my arch.

I Expand the stroke to separate the middle from the arch.

I rotate the center part, place it over the bottom of the arch, and use the boolean subtract tool.


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