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Section Manager doesn't work???


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Hi @NathanC,

With all this happening, we concluded that executing the merge from the icloud could be the problem. But this problem persist. Now, to fix this, I moved the template file and the excel file to my computer to work locally. I update the information in data merge manager about the source file (excel file) location. I could provide the files for you, the dropbox link provided didn't work.

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Hi @NathanC,

New bug???

So, I have to generate a file for a customer, and I figured out that maybe if I delete the source file in data merge manager and redefine it will solve the issue. Well surprise, when click on the trash can button to delete the source file in data merge manager, the app crash.

So, I re-open the app and try again, this time I could properly remove the excel file from data merge manager. But for my surprise, after successfully removing the source file and redefined it, the process went flawlessly. I could generate my new file without a glitch. All of this results were using my original files located in iCloud, and no problem at all.

I belive I am introducing a new perspective of the issue with data merge manager.

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  • Staff

Hi @JIGSr,

Sorry I'm not sure what happened with my previous upload link as it appears to be invalid, I do think that the app is/was intermittent having issues verifying the location of the data source file when it is stored on your iCloud, so any action (either generating from it or removing it) is then causing the app to crash, I'd still suggest just keeping your .afpub and spreadsheet files local for now and then moving them to a synced iCloud location/folder after just to prevent this happening while working, but if you could upload the spreadsheet and .afpub document, along with a few recent crash reports i'll see if there's anything identifiable.

Where to find crash reports:

Upload link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/jcz9kaT7nG2uRwVmrvjA

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Hi @NathanC

Just a quick reply on your comment. The problem (crash) appear even (working) with the files (excel and afpub) in my computer. I upload afpub templates used (9), the excel file (1), and the crash report (5). All this to the dropbox link provided... and, they are now in your dropbox.


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  • Staff

Thanks for sending those over, unfortunately the crash reports are very generic and there isn't much to pull from the backtrace, I'm also still not able to re-produce the crash myself but it's good to see that you do have a workaround. I did notice on your recording that both your Templates folder was in a iCloud directory so you may want to consider moving these off to a location not on the cloud or backed up by iCloud, and your Desktop is also synced to iCloud where the .XLSX file was pulled from, so moving these files to a location which isn't synced or backed up by iCloud may help alleviate this as there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the files themselves.

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