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Outer shadow stand alone

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Hi Johanna50,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

As @evtonic3 said, there's no way to isolate the FX effect from the original object.

What you can do is duplicate and combine all objects/layers from your original layer/object into a new shape, apply a Gaussian Blur FX and manipulate it independently from the rest.

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So, if I'm understanding this question correctly - Johanna50 wants to create something similar to what I need. Therefore I'll add some details and questions to this thread. Ok? Hope so.


Basically, I need a drop shadow from a shape, without having the shape itself show up. I need the drop shadow with alpha only, everything should be transparent. So, something like this - with with the red also transparent:




Now, in photoshop I would simply create the shape with fx and give the fill full transparency. This however, doesn't work in AD.


Any ideas how to do that non-destructively?

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Solved it, pretty simple really - must have been tired:


1. Add drop/outer shadow to the shape.

2. Make a mask from the inverted shape and use it to mask the other shape. So only the drop shadow is visible.

3. Set the opacity of the mask fill to 0%.



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Hi Gatada,

In the Layer Effects panel, on the bottom right there's a Fill Opacity input/slider combo box. If you set it to 0% it should do what you want (see screenshot).




I knew my love for Affinity Designer wasn't misplaced!


I have had issued with art boards and the slices being misplaced and messed up. But it seems by not dragging with the mouse when I copy or create dartboards - and instead offset the art boards in Transform - I get less issues.

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