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Colored taps.

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Maybe as an option, but certainly not as a required feature, and ideally not as a default.

Those who are taking color seriously will generally want to avoid as much color influence as possible from the area surrounding the image.  Spectrally neutral pigment-free neutral gray paint which is designed for environments such as color grading studios can run $120/gallon (and needs to be paired with appropriate lighting to be fully effective).  In environments like that, colored tabs like this would be a major problem, as they are even closer to the image being worked than is the paint on the walls.

Serif already provides the option to make all the icons grayscale, which is likely an important factor for those environments also.

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On 9/22/2023 at 4:58 AM, fde101 said:

ideally not as a default.

Yes, it would be helpful to have color tabs or a hover technology to make it easier to switch between multiple projects when needed. The goal is to improve the selection process and reduce complications when working with multiple projects simultaneously.

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