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V2 Universal Licences & family members (Mac)

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I have a v2 universal licence, and run affinity on 2 macs and an ipad.

My 17 year old son also uses one of the macs, but when he logs in he has to re-enter the user and  Licence reference, and then my account is not recognised.

I have read various other forum posts and the FAQ, but I'm not clear - is this kind of family sharing possible with v2 universal licenses? If not do I have to buy him his own licence? And if so is there a student discount?

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  • Staff

@Guy Beckett

Welcome to the forum.

Family sharing is covered under our license however due to how the three programs interact on the Apple Store it would not be possible for other users to sign into our apps with different email addresses. They would therefore need to use the app under the same account that the software is registered to.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

The v2 universal licence was not an app store purchase, it was bought from your website. (I bought v1 from the app store).

Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying, but it seems that  a user has to be logged in with my mac user account. If so then this is not family sharing as I understand it. I don't want my son logged into my account - he has his own college work which we want to keep separate. 

If that is not the case then how do we log in? We have tried using my affinity details when logged into his mac user account and it is not recognised.

I would be happy to pay for an additional account if that's what's needed - but it should be at a reasonable rate given that he is a student and family sharing was part of what was offered by app store purchases with v1. 


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  • Staff

If you bought from us, your license allows you to install on as many machines as you personally control. Other family members can use the software on your devices as long as it is for their personal use. In both cases the same is true, other family members can use the software, but they will need to sign in via the Affinity Store account that was used to buy the app.

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