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Artboard resizing ignores magnetic alignment or resize anchor

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I've made a big artboard with a plan drawing on it. Some of the parts in the plan reach outside of the regular A3 artboard size. To see them and make changes to them, I wanted to temporarily extend the artboard to make them visible without moving everything else. (I want those elements to be correct even though I can't usually see them in full because I can still use them for area measurements.)

Now I can't resize the artboard back to its original and printable A3 size. I know the height should be 42 cm. But as I extended the size at the top edge, I need to set the anchor to a bottom corner when entering the 42 directly. This is ignored! The artboard is always resized at the bottom when entering the numeric height directly. So this doesn't work.

Then I tried to create a helper line at exactly the height 42 cm from the bottom edge. I selected it to activate it for magnetic alignment. Again, when resizing the artboard at its top edge handle, it ignores any object alignment. So my helper line is useless.

How am I supposed to size an artboard to a specific exact height at the top edge?!

I'm using Affinity Designer 2.1.1 on Windows 11.

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Cool, thanks! That already helps.

So just the manual number input is left. All objects are fixed at the selected corner/edge and resize to the other directions when entering numbers, but artboards not.

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