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How to quickly(-ish) make a rough/distressed version of a shape or text

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Here’s an interesting technique, if you don’t mind the result being rasterised, to create a ‘roughened’/distressed version of a shape, or some text, or various other things.

Note: Only for Photo (or the Photo Persona of Publisher), either V1 or V2.

Note: This only works well on simple single-shade backgrounds (because of the Gradient Map).

See attached video.

  • First add a Live Procedural Texture of Urban Camoflage – the higher the Square Count the smoother the ‘roughening’.
  • Then add a Live Median Blur – setting Preserve Alpha to ON may produce better results.
  • Then add a Gradient Map Adjustment – make sure both middle gradient stops are at the same position.
  • (Maybe add a very slight Live Gaussian Blur on top to ‘take the edge off’ a bit.)

Experiment: Try changing the Blend Modes of the various Filters/Adjustments to see what weird stuff you can make.


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