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Footnotes appear and disappear on one page

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I encountered a weird situation in Affinity Publisher 2.1.1 that fortunately appears reproducible. (I'm using Windows 10 version 22H2 OS Build 19045.3324)

I'm going through my book, adding footnotes on every page. It's working just fine until I reached page 94.

There, the seven footnotes have disappeared. When I click on them in the Layers panel, they are there (see footnotes 1.PNG). Just blank boxes.

When I add another footnote, they appear (see footnotes 2.PNG)

I typed something in the box and clicked away, and the footnotes are still there. (footnotes 3.png)

If I delete the footnote by backspacing over the number (which I put in the first line on the page), they disappear again.

My book file is attached with the blank footnotes. If you want the footnotes to appear, tighten the Tracking on the big paragraph on page 92 and go into the footnotes on page 93 and remove the three blank lines. It should reappear.

I tightened up a few paragraphs on previous pages to make the footnotes appear, so fortunately I can keep working.



footnotes 1.PNG

footnotes 2.PNG

footnotes 3.PNG

affinity publisher bug.afpub

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Hi, this is a known issue in 2.1.1. Notes were a new feature in v2 and there are still a few kinks being worked out. It can occur with both footnotes and sidenotes but not with endnotes. It seems to be related to how the notes are positioned which is why adding and removing text can make notes appear and disappear.

I have a couple of hidden sidenotes in my own document and as I add and remove text they appear and disappear. It's easier to deal with using sidenotes, I can sometimes work around the issue by adding several blank lines to the end of a note but you don't have that option with footnotes.

Here are two other threads on the issue:


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