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Equal / mirrored curve while dragging handles

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In case you should not know, Keven, there is a little workaround to get mirrored handles, though it’s a bit cumbersome … sigh. Put the first control node where you want to have it, hold down Shift, grab the second control node and move it, until you see the the symmetry marks on the Bézier handles …  :)


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Thanks A_B_C, I realized that after I posted the question. It's not very intuitive and a pain if you have a lot of handles to adjust but definitely good to know as a workaround until there is proper implementation.

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I'd love for control handle symmetry to work with sharp (cusp) nodes, as well.


I.e.: You'd adjust one handle while holding a modifier key combo – say, Control-Option. 

Then not only would the other handle mirror its length, it would also mirror its angle. 


That would make me a happy camper!

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