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Exporting issue for svg file

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For diagnosis of an issue with exporting, giving us just the ‘after’ isn’t as useful as giving us both the ‘before’ and ‘after’.
We can see what was produced but we can’t see what it was produced from.

My first guess as to what the problem is here is that you could have used an Effect or Live Filter somewhere as these always cause the layer(s) they are applied to to be rasterised.

Would you be able to provide the original Affinity document so we can look at it?

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Thanks for the document.

I tried exporting the “bronze medal” design via the Export Persona and got the same SVG that you did (as far as I can tell).
It seems to be rasterising some “Unsupported properties”.

I believe the problem is the way that some of the gradients have been ‘skewed’.

Watch what I do in my attached video and then try exporting again – I am double-clicking on the handles with two dotted-lines coming from them.

Note: If you need more help with this, go to the application Help, type gradient into the search box (hit Enter), click the link for “Gradient and bitmap fills” and scroll down.

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Added note.
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