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Create palette from document creates slightly different colours

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I have an issue when creating the palette from the document. Every time when I create the palette the new generated colours appear slightly different than the original colours.


I'll try to give a better explanation this way:

1. I've created a new test document. I've put 3 squares in there and for each I've chosen an unique colour.

2. I've chosen Swatches / Create palette from document / As document palette.

3. I've created 3 circles and applied matching colours from previously generated palette


My issue is that when I apply colours from the palette the colours doesn't match the original colours.


Any idea what could be wrong?

How to fix this?


Image from test document:



I guess this issue could be related to my mac since I also have similar issues with colours in other apps (Xcode, ...).

Maybe it's related to the colour scheme, but my understanding of the matter is not enough to fix the issue.



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