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Retina Screenshots are pixelated

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I'm working on the 5K iMac. When I take a screenshot of an window and open the File in Affinity Photo the following happens:

  • Zooming to 100% shows the window as big as it would on a non-Retina screen (I can deal with it, but Photos.app uses 100 % for pixel perfect view)
  • The screenshot looks pixelated as it has been taken on a non-Retina Mac
  • Zooming to 50% shows the window in its real screen size, but also pixelated
  • Zooming back to 100% shows the retina resolution, the pixelation is gone
  • Zooming to 50% shows again the pixelated non-Retina version, so text is not that crisp like in the original
  • Changing the DPI from 144 to 72 without rescaling makes zooming consistent and always shows the retina pixels
  • Bonus annoyance ;-): With both dpi values I have not found a zooming shortcut which shows me the screenshot pixel perfect on screen Cmd+1 and Cmd+9 behave the same
I've attached a screen recording of this bug.


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