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Disable toggle tools when pressing shortcut

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When sketching, drawing or painting in Photoshop, I usually do so in full-screen with all the UI turned off. In Affinity Photo, I can do this as well (hit TAB to hide the UI), but there are a few issues that would prevent this from being the same experience as in Photoshop, the most important one of which being the fact that AP toggles tools rather then just selects a new tool when hitting a keyboard shortcut!


For instance, if I hit B in Photoshop, I can be absolutely sure the brush tool is now active even though there is no UI that would tell me so. In AP, I can never be sure until I actually put the pen down! AP kind of remembers the tool that was used most recently, and if the current tool is the same as the shortcut, it switches back to the most recent tool instead. Sounds like a neat idea, but is totally annoying and confusing when in full-screen mode.


So PLEASE add an option in the settings to disable this behaviour!


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I second this request. The toggling behavior is infuriating for me because I when tapping a tool shortcut key, I don't know without looking at the UI what tool I've selected. Instead of toggling a tool with a single keyboard shortcut I would much rather use the the shortcut key directly for the two tools I'm using.

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