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[Fixed] Node handles disappear at high zoom levels

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Not sure if this is actually a bug or intended behavior, but it feels strange to me: when I zoom in on node handles, they disappear after a certain zoom level. I can't pinpoint the exact zoom level at which this happens, but I'm attaching screenshots of the behavior. If that's by design, I think I'd be better to leave the handles visible at all zoom levels. I often do fine aligning on nodes and handles and being able to really get in there is very useful. Also, it'd be great if we could enter coordinates for the handles, not just the nodes. I think this was already mentioned a couple of times in Feature requests.



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Hi VertigoBirdie,


I got the same behaviour at a zoom level of 454 million % but it was visible at 450 million % whereas you seem to lose it at 250 million % mark. There's definitely no continuity here and I agree it should probably stay visible regardless.


It's a tricky one because one could argue zooming in that far is excessive but at the same time we allow you to do it so it should really be working.

I shall get this logged with development for their consideration - thanks for bringing it up :)

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