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[Pub 2.1.1] Reordering a picture frame above another in the Layers panel will nest it instead

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new document
  2. Draw 2 or more picture frames
  3. Open the Layers panel
  4. Try to change the frame's stacking order

Expected result is for the frame's stacking order to change, instead the moved frame will nest within the frame immediately below its new stacking order position. See attached video for a visual explanation.

Bonus bug: if I actually want to nest the frames, I cannot trigger it intentionally. Trying to place a frame within another in the Layers panel never triggers the "filled layer" visual effect that indicates an object will be nested within another.

This bug is, to the best of my knowledge, limited to picture frames, square and round. Other objects are unaffected and behave normally.

Temporary workaround, use the layer arrange commands. Either on the application menu at Layer > Arrange (and their respective keyboard shortcuts), or the layer arrange buttons on the application toolbar. Both are imune to this bug.


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I've noticed this bug does not happen if you hold the Alt key to duplicate the object.

In this case, the Layers panel behaves as expected, both on moving the object along and trying to nest it within another. Just another detail to help with this.

I've also updated the tags on this post to include "affinity publisher". I don't know if this messed with your own bug tag, AFB-6825. My apologies, if possible, please review the tags again.


25 minutes ago, NathanC said:

Hi @LCamachoDesign,

This is a known issue that's currently logged with the developers, the Picture frame hit/drop zone is not correct, making it incredibly difficult to correctly position them in the stack via drag and drop. I've now bumped the existing issue with your report. 🙂


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