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Always noise in gradient.

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The gradient always includes noise. The noise range slider is on left (expected off). Maybe it's an issue of the slider (always > 0, never 0 off).


Zoom (Affinity Designer with pixel view mode):



I expected straight clean lines.

Maybe this also affects to V2.

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Ok, thanks. Maybe Affinity should also move this option to the gradient UI instead of program settings/preferences. (as we can see in that video in PS). I think this means you have dither attribute to each gradient (instead of global). But this is can be useful if you want to use both at once. Anyway... good to know this option. 👍

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41 minutes ago, infacto said:

Maybe Affinity should also move this option to the gradient UI instead of program settings/preferences.

Sounds like a good idea to me on the face of it.

Feel free to create a Feature Request in the relevant section of the forums.

(This thread is in a section which is an ‘archive’ for the V1 software, and I can’t see that getting new functionality at any time in the future.)

However, even if it’s added to V2 at some point you won’t be able to use it unless you upgrade.

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There's a trick that works at least for V1.

1. Select your gradient layer.
2. Apply FX (located in the layers panel at the bottom).
3. Use Outline FX. 
4. Set any value for radius, and zero for opacity.


Thanks to @NotMyFault, he hid it somewhere in the bowels of this forum, in an easter egg. 

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Thanks @telemax, but I did not invented this trick. Still works in V2.

more important:

The setting in

On 7/13/2023 at 9:44 AM, GarryP said:

Have you tried switching “Dither Gradients” OFF in Preferences / Performance?
See attached image for an example.

In V2, it’s the same setting but in Settings rather than Preferences.


Does only impact rendering in Affinity. If you export, the export will contain dithering! Even when this setting is off.

and regarding the title you the thread:

Dither is not noise. It only swaps positions of pixel colors, using the old color values which differ only slightly. In contrast to noise, it does not randomly change color values (it will never create „new“ color values not already in the file).

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