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Select child item by direct clicking?

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I may be noticing this more on things like PDFs I open in Affinity, where it seems the only way to select child items is to open the parent and scroll down until you see a thumbnail that looks like what you're after.


This can be time-consuming to say the least. Could there be a way to direct-click on a child item with the cursor, perhaps holding another key at the same time, to "drill down" to the child?


Maybe there's something about PDFs opened in Affinity that confounds this, but thought I'd toss it out.


Thank you


PS: I need to amend this: it is not possible or practical to select child layers in a PDF that has been opened in Affinity....


My reason for doing this is to whip out some quick designs based on a web page. I PDFd the page from Safari, and opened in Affinity, thinking I'd be able to quickly manipulate the vector parts of the imported PDF but it couldn't be slower.

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1.) Turn on "Edit all layers", if it's not already on (bottom left of layers panel).

2.) Hold Cmd when you click to "dig" into containers.

3.) Use Option / Alt to cycle through click selections.


Hope this helps,



Sweet! Oh, yeah, that helps muchly so!


Thank you

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