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I would like to be able to use the pencil tool with auto fill on but not have it "auto filling"as I draw, it is very distracting and makes it really hard to see exactly where I am drawing.  Is there any way to make the completed shape autofill once I lift my pencil to start a new shape a-la Illustrator?  I like to draw using shapes (even for line work), but the autofill feature "filling" as I draw is kind of a drag.  It kind of kills the flow.  Any hope to add this type of feature in the future?

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Hello and welcome to the forums. The pencil tool is something that seems to often come up in the requests area. I believe that MattP is planning on adding to the functionality of the pencil tool and improving it but I have no idea of when that will be. Here are a few threads about it. 





Best of luck,


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