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How to keep an image file from not changing when using AP? I digitally capture artist's original art. My goal is to create a Giclee to represent the

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I digitally capture artist's original art.  My goal is to create a Giclee to represent the original art as best I can.  (My guarantee, is nothing is represented perfectly.)  With this in mind, what is the very best way to NOT introduce any change to the image file?


In 'develop assist' I chose 'no action taken' for tone curve and exposure bias.


Preferences for working space is ProPhoto RGB, perceptual,  black point compensation is unchecked.


What else do I need to do for my workflow?


I do use the 24 patch classic cardboard X-Rite target in all digital captures.  For my best results I use RPP 64 to profile the camera sensor, lens, and lighting.  I do not use the 64 (Kodachrome) setting.)  I just use 'color' so there is no interference with the digital capture.  


Then RPP 64 sends the image file directly to AP  as a 16 bit tiff.   From there, in AP, I can do any adjustments needed for sizing.  Neutral white point is achieved in RPP 64.


However, somewhere in the AP process, when the image file goes to PS CS5, the image just is not the same as in RPP 64 and what it looked like in AP.


Before introducing AP into my workflow, I went from RPP 64 to LR 6.4, and finally size edit in PC CS5.  The image file  appeared consistent in all three applications.   


This consistency  is not happening when AP is used in place of LR 6.4.


Back to the help I am asking for:  How to keep an image file from not changing when using AP?


Printing is usually done with Printao 8, or LR 6.4.





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