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Export to 1x and 2x from a 3x document by downsampling

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I’m new to Affinity Photo. Thanks for this great software. I watched the tutorials and read the documentation but can’t figure how to do what I want to. 


I would like to export photos for website in 1x, 2x and 3x resolutions. I’m always editing the photos in the highest resolution (i.e. @3x) so I’m looking at an automated way to export at half resolution for @2x and at 1/3 resolution for @1x the current image. 


So far I was able to start with a picture at 1x resolution and use the Affinity Photo export persona to export this picture at 1x, 2x and 3x but it looks like upsampling was used to create the 2x and 3x resolutions and therefore is loosing some detail compared to downsampling the 3x picture to 2x and 1x.


Is there a way automatically export at half and third resolution for @2x and @1x?  I’m looking to export the whole area of the document (the whole photo), not just slice of it. 


Thank you. 

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Hi Steph,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Set the document dpi to 216 (that is 3*72dpi) with Resample unchecked, then if you select 1x and 2x it will export to the corresponding down-sampled sizes. Note that 2x here doesn't correspond to half the size (that would be 1,5x). Currently it's not possible to define custom multipliers/sizes. This should be improved in a future version.

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I had to google to find this post as this is 100% illogical. There should be a document setting indicating what multiplier we are working on (1x, 2x, or 3x) so that when we export, it properly upscales and downscales from the working resolution (ideally only downscaling, but depends on the artist). Having an arbitrary value completely change the behavior of a function only leads to confusion.

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